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Host an Event to Benefit the MD SPCA

Help the homeless cats and dogs by throwing a party or hosting an event on behalf of the Maryland SPCA. Below you will find guidelines on third-party event hosting.

We depend upon support from the community to care for thousands of homeless animals. As a private, nonprofit organization, we do not receive any operating funds from the government or national animal welfare organizations, thus making donations to the Maryland SPCA very important in saving the lives of animals in our community.

Below please find guidelines to follow when planning your fundraising event. Please keep in mind that while we can provide you with guidance, we do have the resources to organize, market or run your event. Requests for Maryland SPCA staff and adoptable pets at events can not be guaranteed.


As a responsible nonprofit organization, we require that expenses for an event do not exceed 25% of gross revenue and ask that you do the same with your fundraiser. This is to ensure that events serve the purpose of maximizing the benefit to homeless animals in need. In addition, you are responsible for complying with all IRS regulations regarding the event and any charitable deductions.

Sponsors and Donations

The Maryland SPCA has many sponsors and partners in the community. We therefore require you to inform us of any sponsors, in-kind donors, etc. you wish to seek, in order to avoid a duplication of efforts.

Permits and Liability

If you are holding any type of sporting event or event that involves physical activity, you must require that all participants sign a waiver/release. In addition, you must obtain all appropriate permits and insurance for your event. If insurance is necessary for your event, please add the Maryland SPCA to the policy.


As the event organizer, you are responsible for all marketing and advertising of the event. All promotional materials MUST be approved by the Maryland SPCA prior to promotion. In addition, the use of the Maryland SPCA name, logo, website, etc. MUST be approved by the Maryland SPCA. Do NOT copy the Maryland SPCA logo from our website.

In order to host an event, you need to read and complete the Event Agreement. This packet includes guidelines and an agreement form:

Download Event Agreement (PDF)

For more information, please contact [email protected]