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The Maryland SPCA’s Behavior Department offers classes and advice on how to begin a good relationship with your pet and maintain that relationship throughout the years. Using force-free, scientifically founded training methods with a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement, our Behavior Department will help you increase the behaviors you like, and decrease the behaviors you dislike. This makes learning fun for the whole family, while bridging the gap between people and pets. Start your pet off right with a Meet the Trainer session and then move on to our All-Star Canine and Super-Star Canine classes!


From ways to stop your dog from jumping on people to getting your cat to come out from under the bed, the Maryland SPCA’s behavior experts know how to handle problematic pet scenarios and teach you the best methods to improve the situation. Our behavior experts are available for phone and email consultations and private training sessions, and answers to common behavior problems can be found in our behavior library


Meet the Trainer at Maryland SPCA

Meet the Trainer

Meet the Trainer is a free class for new pet parents who adopt a dog from the Maryland SPCA and for the general public interested in learning more about our program.

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All-Star Canine at Maryland SPCA

All-Star Canine

Many behavior problems can be solved with positive, consistent training and socialization. All–Star Canine teaches training your dog to "pay attention," "sit" and "go to your bed" and more.

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Super-Star Canine at Maryland SPCA

Super-Star Canine

Super-Star Canine is an advanced training course for dogs and their owners who have progressed through All-Star Canine or its equivalent.

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Kitten Kindergarten at Maryland SPCA

Kitten Kindergarten

Kitten Kindergarten will help get your tiny one started off on the right paw. This is an a la carte course comprised of three classes: Visiting the Vet, Minding Manners and Road Warriors.

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Behavior Library at Maryland SPCA

Behavior Library

A behavior resource library written and updated by the Behavior Department staff at the Maryland SPCA.

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