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The KB Fund was started after a dog, KB, was tragically discovered having been set on fire in Baltimore County. The Maryland SPCA reached out to Baltimore County Animal Control, who had taken the dog in. We asked the community for funds to help pay for his care at Pet ER. He had a long recovery period, but his injuries did heal, and happily, he was adopted.  The funds raised paid for his care and we shared with donors that anything in addition would go to helping other unowned animals with emergency medical care needs.  We have used it to help any strays who come in needing emergency medical including surgeries to repair broken bones and any x-rays that need to be taken of pets in our care. While our facility is growing to accomidate these animals' needs, we currently send the pets out to veterinarians who can.  The KB Fund is used to pay for those medical bills.

Four-month-old Zoe, a female Boxer mix puppy was brought to the Maryland SPCA with a severely broken right hind leg.  To prevent further damage and to alleviate her pain, Zoe needed surgery. We sent Zoe to a surgeon who was able to repair her leg.  Zoe is now in foster care, and will remain there for several weeks while her injuries heal.

The MD SPCA was able to pay for Zoe’s surgery and medical care thanks to the generosity of people who donated to our KB Fund which is used for emergency medical care.  If you would like to make a contribution to our KB Fund, so we can continue to help pets like Zoe, please make your online donation at: http://www.tinyurl.com/kb-fund.