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Our Medical Services

The Maryland SPCA offers many different ways for your pet to get the care it needs. Along with our public multi-service Maryland SCPA Wellness Clinic, we provide many services for those in low-income situations and others who qualify (based on the program). Below you will see a list of medical services and options. We encourage careful reading of all our guidlines, for full understanding of which options are right for you and your pet.


The Maryland SPCA provides two options for spaying and neutering of animals. Our Wellness Clinic provides these services to the public at competitive prices (based on your pets size). Alternatively the Maryland SPCA has a second location Spay & Neuter Clinic for those who qualify.

Wellness Clinic Spay/Neuter Page

Spay & Neuter Qualified Clinic

Owner Requested Euthanasia:

Deciding to put a pet to sleep can be a emotionally-challenging decision. It can also pose a financial burden. The Maryland SPCA offers two options for pet owners looking to have their animals put to sleep. Our low-cost owner-requested euthanasia for $40 per pet for cats and exotic animals and $50 per dog to low-income owners. The fee helps cover a portion of the cost of the service and is meant to help people afford quality care and support during a difficult time. This option has very specific instructions that must be read and followed before you and your pet arrive. These can be found on the euthanasia resource page.

For those who do not qualify under Low-Income, the Maryland SPCA Wellness Clinic is an alternative option, and is open for the public.

Low-Income Information  Wellness Clinic Appointment Page