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Kitten Kindergarten will help get your tiny one started off on the right paw. This is an a la carte course comprised of three classes:

  • In "Visiting the Vet," she'll learn that a trip to her doctor is like a day at the spa, and you'll learn how to safely give medications and keep her nails trimmed.
  • In "Minding Manners"your little tiger will learn how to politely play with people, and you'll learn how to train manners and tricks that will convince your friends you've got the smartest cat in town!
  • In "Road Warriors" your kitten will learn that her carrier is a safe place to nap, and you'll learn how to keep her happy on the road to vacations, the vet, or wherever life leads you!

You and your kitten may take one class or all three! 

Each Kitten Kindergarten class includes discussion on safe toys and activities, and social time with other people and animals.

Register here, or email Amie, our trainer, or call her at 410-235-8826, ext. 151.